About Phantom Edge

Phantom Edge was founded about 5 years ago by Bradley Robinson. The shears and brand started as an alternative for stylists, barbers, and groomers who wanted a quality shear with their name or business logo on the blades.

The shears were a massive hit, and became a household name among Brad's clients. Quickly, it was recognized that a move towards having a full brand was a natural next move.

In 2017, a great friend and colleague Gabriel Frankewich stepped on board to help drive the brand further. This partnership helped grow Phantom Edge into the established and recognized brand it is today

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100% Shear, 0% Hype


A common frustration among hair and animal professionals was clear. "We are buying expensive products that underperform." Companies were pricing their shears and marketing them with incredible spin and hype. Our industry was being educated on a few basic principles:

  • The more you spend, the better the quality

  • If you are brand loyal, you will be a better professional

  • Our shears are the BEST shears


And the list goes on. Quickly, our money was being spent on products and services that left us with a short honey moon, crashing down when the expectations didn't come through.

Phantom Edge recognizes that in the industries we service, we need to value how much work it takes to earn each dollar, and to provide the best service and products without ripping off the professionals we serve.

No Second Mortgage

We at Phantom Edge are dedicated to providing exceptional cutting tools at reasonable prices.  The market trend of over-price under-performance is not helping the professionals we serve in any way.

We make only one promise, to provide you an excellent tool you can afford. Our shears are individually checked and finished by Brad or Gabriel before being sent to your local distributor or a customer purchasing on our website. Most of our shears are nearly identical or the exact same as brands selling for nearly triple our retail.

We don't have massive promotion campaigns, advertising budgets, or sponsored artists to support.

Phantom Edge, as a brand, does not believe in hype or spin. We believe that our tools speak for themselves.

The professional community entangled in hair and fur shouldn't be put into debt because of the products they purchase.

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The Shear and Sharpening industry has been taking advantage of supposed naivety among their clients for years. The lies and dishonest strategies employed have done nothing but hurt hard working individuals who deserve more. You deserve to be treated fairly and honestly, and know that your hard earned money isn't being wasted on an empty promise.